HSHFF 2018

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Historic Central Theater

Eileen Dietz, Actress Exorcist/Constantine/Planet of the Apes... The Demon who possesses Regan in "TheExorcist", also the Emmy-winning Helter-Skelter she was one of the Manson Gang.

“I  have been a guest speaker at many, many film festivals and I gotta tell  you all, The Hot Springs Horror Film Festival 2013 was !!@!$&!!ing  fantastic. I had such an awesome time. Every short film and feature were  of the utmost quality and so much fun as were the Filmmakers with whom I  made lasting friendships.  I can't say enough about the fantastic  hosts. the incomparable Tamara Glynn and the always gracious and  organized Bill Volland. I cannot wait for October to see everyone again.

-Eileen Dietz- Actress (Exorcist)



Tyler Mane, Actor/Producer Mane Entertainment Tyler is best known for his roles as,  Sabretooth, Wolverine's foe, in the big-screen version of the Marvel comic "X-Men" and playing the iconic role of Michael Myers in the last two Rob Zombie remakes of  "Halloween".

"What a great weekend of networking and screenings and sharing our  love of filmmaking! We came away from the Hot Springs Horror Film  Festival feeling like we suddenly had a much larger family. Can't wait  to get back!!"

-Tyler Mane- Actor 

(Michael Meyers in the movie Halloween)


Jim Brennan,  Producer/An American Terror “Hot Springs Horror was one of the festival highlights for “An American Terror”. Although we screened at many festivals, very few reached out to us in the personal way that HSHFF did. It was a refreshing dose of humanity in year of often impersonal interactions. They had a great line up in a fantastic environment.”

-Jim Brennan-  Producer


“Hot Springs International Horror Film Festival is a celebration of  genre cinema by filmmakers for filmmakers. Located in one of Arkansas  most treasured historic regions, the festival places special emphasis on  education, in addition to showcasing quality independent motion  pictures.” 

-Justin Beahm- Fangoria Magazine 



Hot Springs 

Arts and Film Institute  

supporting special programs, independent film, related charities and  educational events while connecting Artists, Film Lovers, Filmmakers,  and the Hot Springs Community.

An international film festival,  HSHFF screens and honors films from around the globe. The film festival  is  full of fantasy, thrills, intrigue, 

slashers and more...



The past 100 years
The Historic Central Theater  

has been home to movies, live shows  and more. Closed and forgotten for decades, (it was dubbed haunted) 

in  early 2000 the new owners renovated and re-opened the venue. 

The  theater is now home to the






a 32' Camera Crane built by 


and used by the Horror 

Master himself, Alfred Hitchcock.

Hitchcock used the Camera Crane on many of his films like 


The Crane is a big hit with adults and kids alike. 

Above Charlie Sheen's kids  (Bob & Max) ride the Crane with Producer Erik Fleming and Festival Director Bill Volland.