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R.A. Mihailoff's new film


Sept 22nd at 5:00pm

Ride with Leatherface (R.A.Mihailoff)  

Rodney's Cycle House

 in Little Rock to the 

Hot Springs Horror 

Film Festival 

(1008 Central Ave. 

Downtown Hot Springs) 

for a private screening 

of the new biker film 


The show starts at 8:00pm 

(only $6.00 for riders only)

the after party is at 

Fat Jacks and starts at 



Michael Berryman


Sunday Sept 23 at 5:30pm

 Special guest  

Michael Berryman

(One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, 

The Hills Have Eyes) 

will introduce his new film  

 The Evil Within

There will be a Q & A with 

Berryman after the screening. 


Sept 22nd & 23rd 

from 2:00pm - 3:30pm

Michael Berryman 


R.A. Mihailoff

will be signing autographs

 at Spa Con in Expo Hall at the 

Hot Springs Convention Center






Sept 23rd Sunday at 11:00am 

Room 208 at SPA CON 

(Convention Center) 

More Filmmaker Seminars below

4 day Film Festival Passes get in free

Tickets $20.00 pay at the door

or get tickets online


Alfred Hitchcock's 

Camera Crane 

will be on display with  


and photo ops daily.

( times varies )

Located in the 

parking lot next to 

the Central Theater





Shows Saturday

Sept 22nd at 8:00pm

The Evil Within at HSHFF

The Evil Within

shows Sunday 

Sept 23rd at 5:30pm

HSHFF Hitchcock's Camera Crane

Alfred Hitchcock's 

Camera Crane 

More Seminars

Creating AtmosFEAR - Sept 23 at 11:00am RM. 203 Hot Springs Convention Center SPA CON (45mins)


Inexpensive realistic set decorating for Halloween, Home Haunting and Haunted Attractions. John L Burton is very well known for his realistic set decorating in Haunted Attractions across the United States. John will bring his 47 years of experience and techniques to this seminar. Teaching you how to realistically create dark and demented set decorating using products from Wal-Mart, Home Depot or Lowe’s. The presentation will include photo examples of decorations for home and professional attractions. These photo images are of past John Burton decorations in haunted attractions going back many years. This seminar will cover the where, what and why of Halloween, Haunted and Horror decorations. 

John Burton



Movie MakeUp Mayhem & Magic wth John Burton at 2:00pm at Will's across street from theater


There is always a few things all Horror movies have in common; blood and guts, nasty sets, someone getting killed and special effects. In this seminar John will talk about the inexpensive bloody makeup effects, nasty sets and special effects he has created in movies over the years. John will show scenes from such movies as “Dead End Road,” “Acts of Death” and “Cut/Print.” Then discuss how he created the effects and sets for those movies. If you are week at heart and the site of Blood guts and gore turns your stomach, you might want to skip this one. Barf bags not included. Not recommended for children. 

John Burton

It's all about the lenses with Gene Sive at 3:00pm at Will's


The lenses you use are the most important factor when shooting feature films. Lenses are like guitars, they have different looks and can flair in different ways. Cool to blown out to don’t do that again. 

Different lenses can handle low light from muddy to razor sharp intensifying reality just like chords on your guitar. Lenses have sweet spots.

You can shoot in a zone using ND filters to keep you there. If you don’t do that your feature will lose the look and look like TV News with everything in focus. Use a real hand-held light meter. Surely you can use the one in your camera but it’s not the same. You want to create a look. If you shoot raw, this is especially important. You need to see into the shadow, you don’t want to lose the detail. With the light meter in your hand you can save days of color correction and have your feature look the way you want every time, every shot. You will also need a color meter. 

Lights are like notes, soft to freaking scary. New digital cameras can record every color much more sensitive than film. Lens coatings can help you provide the look you want. It’s why only a hand full of lenses are used on major motion pictures. It’s how they handle the light. Don’t go off what you read on the internet. Everyone has a perspective and is pushing their ideas.

Testing different lenses on your set is most important. The look of your feature can be created by you and will look different than just video.

All big features are now shooting anamorphic.

Gene Sive

How to make a Mask with Tony Buck at 1:00pm at Wills

Ever wanted to make your own "Leatherface" learn how and what you will need to make your own mask with

Tony Buck

Location across the street from the Central Theater at Will's

Seminars are $20.00 at the door (discounted online) 

VIP 4 day festival  pass holders get in free